About us

Commitment to business should not be measured by what has been achieved, but by what one intends to achieve.    I decided to put the organization of the Sailor Expert company on solid, transparent and simple principles. As a sailor, captain and instructor, I have been sailing for over 14 years. I have led several hundred cruises around the world. I have trained several hundred sailors. I organized and ran a charter company. I trained my own skipper and technical staff. My plans are based on the experience gained over the years of working on and with yachts. Our main base in Marina Frapa in Dubrovnik is the beginning of the road to further development, and plans, although they are extensive, are uncontrollable. It's been a year since we launched the base in Dubrovnik, and the state of our fleet has already doubled. We are in the process of preparing a charter base in Spain, and our eyes are turned to Greece. Every year investors come to me and every year I finalize the purchase of several yachts for them. Mirek

" A sailor is not limited by the horizon but by his imagination"